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Puppy policy

Puppies are not released until they are at least 8 weeks old. We do not adopt infant puppies (less than 4 months) to homes with children less than 7 years old, apartment dwellers or to homes where no one is home during the day. All puppies must be neutered and Cocker Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the dog back if proper documentation is not made available to the organization at the specified time. For additonal information on the process to adopt a puppy from CSR, click this link to the Puppy Adoption Process



Despite our rigorous screening, process inevitably some dogs don't work out or people's circumstances change and they need to return a dog adopted from CSRET. During the first thirty days the dog can be exchanged for another or the adoption fee returned.

Our expectation is that you will keep your commitment (as per the signed agreement) and will keep your pet through sickness and health, through the arrival of new babies, new spouses, new pets or new residences, and especially in old age. However, we are also realists and know some people aren't able to fulfill this commitment. Consequently we will take the dog back at any time. We ask that you never, ever return a dog to an animal shelter or post it on Craigslist.


  • First time applicants are approved only if we can verify through your veterinarian that you immunize and keep your dog on heart worm preventative.

  • Occasionally we may be able to arrange a home visit but generally this is not practical.

  • We prefer approved out of state adopters come to Houston and meet the dog they want to adopt and transport the dog back home.

  • However, we also recognize a visit to Houston may not be feasible and we ship dogs.

  • In addition to the standard adoption fee, the adopter pays transportation costs. If the dog is shipped by air this includes providing an airline approved crate, health certificate and airfare. Our preferred shipping carrier is United Airlines. The flight booked must be direct out of Houston Intercontinental to a city near your home. No layovers or connecting flights. We do not ship during the summer.

  • If the adoption does not work out, the dog must be returned to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas at the adopter's expense.

Return policy

Out of state adoptions

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