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Image by Simon Berger

This page is dedicated to those special CockerKids® that touch our hearts and souls. These dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge to their final forever homes, yet their memories live on with us.



We adopted Milo from the Cocker Inn in February, 2008. As soon as I saw his pictures on the website I knew he was the dog for us. My husband and I were newly married and I had just moved to Houston. I was lonely and homesick, and Milo quickly became my best friend. Our family of three went on long walks and took frequent visits to Hermann Park. 

My husband is active duty military. We moved to Washington, DC, where we had our first (human) baby. When we were sent overseas my parents took Milo for three years. When we came back to the US there was practically a custody battle over who would get to have Milo live with them. We all loved him. 

It was such a joy to have this special, fiercely loyal dog be a part of our life. We will forever love and miss him. 


Thank you, CockerKids, for changing the lives of so many animals and people through the years.

Leslie and Geoff McMurray


I lost my sweet Bogey on November 26th due to inoperable mouth cancer that had spread through his lymph nodes. Here is the story of how he and I found each other. He was my first rescue and my love at first sight. I was talking and exchanging emails with Judi F., and I had reviewed the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas website to come up with a list of dogs that I was interested in - all older females. Of couse, I asked for each one, "are they housebroken?". My husband and I had just lost our Matisse, a Vizsla, and I was looking for a small dog. We had both had cockers before, and while David wasn't quite ready yet for another, I talked him in to going to the Houston World Series of Dog Show in July 2006. . . We were just going "to look around". Well, I made a bee-line to the CockerKids booth, came around the corner, and BAM there was Judi holding my sweet boy (Nike at the time). A tri-color 2-3 year old boy that once I got him home. . . he wasn't housebroken. I must have stopped back by the booth about 4 or 5 times that day, holding and playing with my boy each time. I filled out the application to foster, and 2 days later I was driving to meet Judi to pick him up. 

He became our Bogey - and I knew from the beginning I would never let him go. He and I had such a special bond that David was actually glad when I would travel because then Bogey would finally wander over and give David some love. He had his own personality that brought us so much enjoyment. As most cocker, he loved his ball, and would bring the ball back endlessly as long as someone would throw it for him. And, he never met a roll of toilet paper he didn't like. . . 

As my dear friend Judi wrote to me so eloquently in my sorrow, " I remember the day you met Nike, and from that day his life and yours changed forever. He had a wonderful life full of love and it was your love for him that has changed the lives of many Cocker Spaniels who needed you. As you grieve for him, you can take comfort in all of the dogs who were helped along with way just because you loved him. 

I had never thought about it that way, but yes, the love I have for Bogey will continue to be shared through my love of rescuing and helping save the lives of our precious CockerKids. 

God Bless you Bogey, always in my heart!


On August 29, 2016, we bid farewell to 15 year old Dixie. She was not only a pure bred Cocker Spaniel who spent her first few years living in a cage as a breeder dog in Louisiana....she also went through the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas volunteered to take in Katrina refugees.

When she arrived in Houston, we became her foster parents. She was a gorgeous little red spaniel. Many were interested in adopting her, but the trauma of being a breeder dog...and Katrina, caused her to not trust anyone. We decided to adopt this unadoptable dog. Dixie mellowed with age, though never being able to relax.  About a year ago, she showed signs of dementia. This caused her to go back to her aggressive tendencies of 10 years ago. After a sedative was given, we held her and told her what a good girl she was ...and walked her to the Rainbow Bridge...all in the comfort of her forever home.


We lost our dear Ginger on June 6, 2016. We adopted her from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas on January 15, 2001... or rather, she adopted us! You see, seven months after the passing of our previous cocker spaniel, my son (then age 7) and I wandered into the Petsmart in Bellaire and saw a beautiful CockerKid who looked just like our late dog. I wanted my husband to meet the potential new family member before adopting, so the whole family decided to drive to Conroe two days later to meet the dog again at the foster mom's home. Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas asked us if we would meet a family from Clear Lake who was surrendering their young cocker "Cookie," and drive that dog up to Conroe when we came. So, we met this family and brought their dog home with us to spend the night before driving to Conroe the next day. But by the next morning when I took Cookie for a walk, she nearly dragged me back to our house, even though she had spent less than 12 hours there. When we arrived in Conroe, our son was so upset about deciding which pup to take home, he started to cry, and Cookie came up to him and began to lick the tears off his face. Well, that made the decision... she had picked us! Our son renamed Cookie, "Ginger," and she was a beloved member of our family for over 15 years.

We cannot begin to describe what a special dog Ginger was! Despite having a leg that had been badly injured before we met her and limping in pain her whole life (even with daily pain medication), she never met anyone she did not love. She had a very small tail, and instead of wagging her tail, she wiggled her whole back half whenever someone new came into the house... certainly they had come just to play with her! She would proudly carry her favorite stuffed duck to show all visitors... would you like to play tug-of-war? She loved to sit on the back of the sofa and place her head on my shoulder. She gained a new pal, Merlin, when we adopted a second dog from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas several years later, but she always ruled the household. She was our best friend, confidante, and soul mate. She helped us through many trying times over the last 15 plus years, including the loss of our parents, and she was always as sweet and empathic as that first day when she licked the tears off our son's cheek. 

We will miss her forever.

Sherri, Ian, and Jarrett Taxman


For he has not despised or disdained the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden is face from him but has listened to his cry for help. 
Psalm 22:24

Our beautiful Beaux (Prinz) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 14, 2015 following a sudden illness. We had just recently emailed his foster mom, Judi, to let her know how well Beaux was doing considering his multiple health issues. 

Beaux rescued us in September of 2011 following the loss of our first Cocker Spaniel. At first sight, we knew Beaux was the dog for us and he wasted no time mending our broken hearts. After months of working on his separation anxiety, we decided the best way to combat the issue was to adopt CSRET alumni, Bentley. Despite their age difference, Beaux bonded with Bentley and the two became true companions. 

Beaux had absolutely no interest in toys or balls, but constantly worked his charm when he knew there was a treat to be had. Though he did not like to be held, the day was not over until he received his nightly rub down. Beaux was always ready for a car ride and loved being outdoors where he could bask in the sun. According to his adoption and vet papers, it was estimated that Beaux was over ten years old. Despite his old age and his loss of hearing and vision in one eye, Beaux always impressed us with his fight to carry on. 

We've gained such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for CSRET and those that work endlessly to rescue and protect such a wonderful breed. Cocker Spaniels are not for everyone and having one definitely comes with huge challenges, but our experience has been extremely rewarding. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be loved by such a sweet boy. We often wondered what Beaux's life was like before he came into ours. Whatever his circumstances were, I'm thankful they brought us together and I think we gave Beaux the wonderful life that I know he gave us.


From his loving foster Mom:

Kokoa went peacefully to sleep in my arms. He has never let me pick him up and hold him until today. He was always a loving boy who enjoyed being petted. He would put his paws on my knees while lifting his face up for kisses. As KT often said, he was the smartest dog I've ever known. He sometimes used his smarts for evil. He was a pacifist and would never choose to fight another dog. He believed in peaceful coexistence. Kokoa was around 12 years old. He had an intense fear of men except his Uncle Mitch.. and Aunt Karen who sometimes helped look after him.

Today was a shock. He seemed very healthy and into everything yesterday. He even got in trouble for stealing paper from my desk. I will miss my sweet, evil genius. He will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge with a sparkle in his eyes and with dancing feet (he always "danced" when he was excited).

We will always keep you in our hearts Kokoa. xoxoxo

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