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Introducing Sky, a charming 2-year-old cocker spaniel. Sky's journey has been nothing short of remarkable given his past experiences. We received a heartwarming message from the Dallas-based organization Dogs365 Resort about this lovable fellow in search of a caring home, and naturally, we opened our hearts to him.

Thanks to the kind folks at 4-Legged Helpers Inc, Sky was flown to us on a private jet, and he's been thriving ever since.


While he may be a bit on the lean side, we're diligently working to help him reach his ideal weight. At present, Sky weighs 27lbs but is expected to fill out to around 30-35lbs. He's quite the looker with his natural tail, and he adores activities like fetching, walking, and cuddling.


Initially shy, Sky quickly warms up to people, exhibiting intelligence and good manners. He's best suited for a family without small children, and although we're uncertain about his compatibility with cats, he gets along with other dogs. 


What Sky truly needs is a loving home that can provide the love, patience, and attention he deserves.

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