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Pretty girl

Was Pretty Girl actually given that name, or did it originate as a nickname? Regardless, she lives up to the title.

This beautiful 8-year-old sweetheart, who resided in a backyard alongside her companion Cotton, is now adapting to a different life. Unfortunately, Pretty Girl is entirely blind due to glaucoma, and we presume that Cotton served as her guide dog.

Despite her past life outdoors, Pretty Girl quickly adjusted to living indoors and confidently navigates her foster home. While not fully house trained, she is making progress and is entirely crate trained.
Managing her glaucoma requires administering two different eye drops twice a day, and regular visits to an ophthalmologist will be essential for the rest of her life.

Pretty Girl's well-being would be best supported in a home where her owner is frequently present, or where there is another dog to assist and guide her through daily activities.



Hi , my name is Toby! I'm an 8-year-old bundle of love just waiting for someone special to take me home. I get along with other dogs, so if you have furry friends, I'd fit right in.

I'm pretty good with my bathroom habits too—I've got the hang of using a doggy door, so no worries there. Oh, and did I mention how much I adore chewing bones? They're my absolute favorite!

When it's time to relax, you can find me in my favorite spots: snuggled up in the laundry basket or lounging on the couch.

Now, I must admit, I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience in the doggy department. But hey, I promise to be the best companion you've ever had!

Oh, and there's one more thing—I'm currently undergoing heartworm treatment. It's nothing serious, just a little bump in the road on my journey to finding my forever home. But don't worry, I'll be back to my playful self in no time!

So, if you're looking for a sweet companion! I'm here, ready to charm my way into your heart. Will you be the one to give me a forever home?

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