Ollie keeps us laughing with his antics like wrestling with pull toys.  He arrived in rescue because at 6 months of age he wasn’t getting along with the five year old child in the home.  

He has been adopted and returned twice.  Quite frankly, both times it has been his fault.  


What, you say, could this adorable one year and a half old black and white tri do that is so bad?  99.5% of the time he is a sweet, friendly fellow just full of energy.  But, he is a resource guarder (food, toys and anything he thinks is his) who protects that resource by snarling and threatening to bite.  


Ollie does well in his foster home but these are experienced fosterers and there is a pack with a larger, dominant male.  He is always going to be a bite threat but this can be managed by a savvy owner.  


Ollie is housebroken, crate trained and doggy door familiar.  He is smart – his foster mom swears he can read your mind and anticipate what you don’t want him to do!  


While he lives in a pack right now, a single dog home may be best since he will be the center of attention with no competition.  

You will have to sign an aggressive dog waiver in order to adopt Ollie.  


Ollie’s forever home is out there and he is waiting patiently to find it.


Benji is one smart dog! He knows how to sit, lay and high five!

While he had an issue with resource guarding, after a few sessions with an experienced trainer, he is doing so much better.

Benji is typical cocker – loves his human and follows his foster mom everywhere.

He walks well on a leash, and his trainer thinks that pursuing “scent training” or agility would be a great hobby and challenge for him.

At 7 y.o., he has the perfect temperament to go on long walks or chill by his human. He isn’t really a lap dog, but wants to be near you. He loves to get belly rubs and ear massages.

Currently being fostered in NW Austin, his trainer would also like to have a session with new mom and/or dad to insure success for his future.

In a dog savvy home, and as an only child, Benji will thrive.