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Pretty girl

Was Pretty Girl actually given that name, or did it originate as a nickname? Regardless, she lives up to the title. This beautiful 8-year-old sweetheart, who resided in a backyard alongside her companion Cotton, is now adapting to a different life. Unfortunately, Pretty Girl is entirely blind due to glaucoma, and we presume that Cotton served as her guide dog.

Despite her past life outdoors, Pretty Girl quickly adjusted to living indoors and confidently navigates her foster home. While not fully house trained, she is making progress and is entirely crate trained.

Managing her glaucoma requires administering two different eye drops twice a day, and regular visits to an ophthalmologist will be essential for the rest of her life.

Pretty Girl's well-being would be best supported in a home where her owner is frequently present, or where there is another dog to assist and guide her through daily activities.

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Max may seem intimidating at first, but once he warms up, he becomes a loyal companion for life. This 6 or 7-year-old red buff boy has a good memory for friends and currently resides in a foster home with other dogs and two cats. While he generally gets along, issues arise when food or toys are involved, as he tends to steal from other dogs and can become growly if approached.

An experienced owner who sets clear limits is crucial for Max. He's the type of dog described by the saying, "if you give him an inch, he'll take a mile." Max responds well to a firm voice and treats as rewards for complying with commands.

Despite his occasional assertiveness, Max can be incredibly sweet and craves attention from the people he likes.


Emery & Duke

Meet Emery and Duke

These two handsome boys, both around 3 years old, each weighing a perfect 30 lbs (though a few extra treats wouldn't hurt) are looking for someone special to welcome them into their hearts and home.

Despite initial shyness, they warm up quickly, making them sweet and ideal lap dogs. Not a bonded pair, but they thrive best in a home with other dogs. Smart and adaptable, they conquered the doggie door in their foster home.

Though their past is a bit mysterious, there are hints that they may have faced challenges in a puppy mill.

Emery and Duke are ready for a quiet home with adults or older children. Once you spend some time with them, you're bound to fall head over heels.



Meet Teddy, a sweet 8-year-old love bug looking for his forever home!

Teddy is an ideal house dog, using a doggie door and staying loose in the house all day while his foster dad works. Although he came to us in rough shape with severe ear infections, Teddy now thrives with daily ear meds, best administered with a distraction.

Teddy loves other dogs, but we're unsure about his feelings towards kitties. Due to his medical needs, he would do best in a home with an experienced handler. While he's a lap dog who quickly bonds with his humans, Teddy prefers a child-free environment.

Weighing a healthy 25 lbs, Teddy is a fairly active cocker who enjoys regular walks and would thrive in a home with a spacious yard. Despite being 8 years old, Teddy is a young spirit ready to fill your home with love and joy.

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