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Adoption Fees

*Dogs 1-7 years-$300
*Seniors and special needs dogs-reduced fee for qualified adopters.

  All adoption fees are now subject to state sales tax.

  • This includes immunizations: distemper-hepatitis-paraifluenza-parvo (DHPP), bordatello and rabies.

  • All dogs are spayed or neutered unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • The dog may have been treated for other health issues.

  • The dog has either tested heartworm negative or has been treated for heartworms.

  • Our volunteer will tell you as much as she/he knows about the dog's health treatments. You will also receive vet records on the dog
    either at the time of adoption or in the mail within two weeks.


In addition to the adoption fee, plan on spending more in the first few weeks. Food, bed, toys, leash, collar, and most importantly a visit to the veterinarian for an exam, heartworm preventative and flea protection.

Owning a cocker spaniel is expensive. It can easily cost $1,200+ a year. High quality food, monthly grooming, beds, crates, toys, treats, etc. contribute to the expense as well as vet visits for problems over and above the annual immunization visit. Annually you can anticipate a visit or two to the vet for eye conditions, ear infections, skin problems, stomach issues, orthopedic problems, urinary tract infections or an injury.

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