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Needing "Stacks of Cash for Stacks"

Many of you have been curious about what happened with the four dogs seized by the Houston SPCA around Christmas 2016. The dogs were seized from a former rescue worker for serious neglect. CSRET learned the dogs had untreated, long-term health issues, malnourishment to the point of starvation, severe matting and grotesque uncut toenails. We committed to taking all four dogs. CSRET took custody from the HSPCA as soon as they could be legally released. Now Stacks, one of the rescued dogs, needs special testing.


Bebe, pictured above in December 2016, was aged at 12 years. She was in the best shape of the four dogs. She was graded as a 3 on a 9 point body mass scale which is low, but better than the rest of the dogs. She was clearly blind, suffering from dry eye, had chronic dental disease and ear infections. Bebe's forever foster home says she has adapted well, gained weight and gets around well despite being vision impaired. Below is Bebe today helping her foster dad at the computer.


This is Stacks, the dog who started the whole saga. The youngest of the group at 7 years of age, he slipped out of the owner's yard when a gate was left open and was returned a week later. The owner ignored Stack's lethargy and cough until a friend of CSRET convinced the owner to let her take Stacks to the vet. Stacks was diagnosed with pneumonia. In the above picture from December 2016 you can clearly see in Stacks' eyes how miserable he felt. Over a three day period CSRET spent $1,200 saving Stacks' life. He weighed no more than 16 pounds in December; today he weighs 22 pounds. He had severe anemia, chronic dental disease, abnormal liver enzymes and immature cataracts. Today Stacks is active, involved and tears around the back yard hunting squirrels, his nagging cough the only indicator his lungs are still affected. After completing several rounds of multiple antibiotics Stacks has continued to cough. Below is Stacks ready for a spa day in his foster home.


Since CSRET took possession of the dogs, we have spent in excess of $4,000 on them. We are proud to have stepped up and helped all four dogs. We take comfort in knowing Ozzie and Brittany received love and attention, they were clean and they were no longer starving before they walked over the Rainbow Bridge.

Recent chest x-rays of Stacks done about three weeks apart reveal there is progressive lung disease. Stacks has seen a pulmonary specialist who recommends a bronchoscopy/culture and CT scan ASAP. Because he has been treated with several rounds of antibiotic it is important to culture whatever is in his lungs so the correct medication can be started. That procedure will cost nearly $3,000. This is an incredible amount of money for a rescue group to spend on a dog but we really want to give Stacks a fighting chance. So, we are asking for donations in Stacks' name to create "Stacks of Cash for Stacks."

Please donate what you can so we can schedule Stacks' testing as soon as possible. Stacks' doctor wants to schedule the procedure next week (week of the 21st). Our goal is $3,000. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please use the PayPal link below or checks may be mailed to:

P.O. Box 28
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0028

Stacks today


Ozzie, was aged at approximately 13 years. We suspect Ozzie had been pulled from a local shelter in June of 2016, heartworm positive and with ear infections in both ears. In December 2016 HSPCA stated he was severely underweight, classified as a 1 on a 9 point scale. He was still heartworm positive and had ear infections. He also had a painful mass the size of a small orange in one ear, "purulent discharge" from his ears, severe dental disease, arthritis, elevated liver enzymes and anemia. Above is a picture of Ozzie's ear infection in December 2016. Both the SPCA and our vets noted he had a good appetite. We quickly moved him into a foster home. Ozzie just never bounced back and continued to deteriorate. Malnutrition, infection and age had taken its toll. Sadly, on January 19 we made the decision to let him run free at the Bridge.


Brittany, or Itty Bittie as her foster mom liked to call her, was likewise severely underweight at 13.6 pounds and unable to bear weight on one of her legs. HSPCA noted a grade III/IV heart murmur, swollen ears and bulging eyes that exhibited signs of dry eye. Nails were grossly overgrown and she had a dirty, matted coat which caused a skin infection. She also had severe, chronic dental disease and needed extraction of several teeth. Initially Brittany improved, was doing better walking and loved to eat. However suddenly she started crying in pain and her back legs became completely useless. On January 31 Brittany was walked to the Bridge.

Fostering is the heart of rescue.

Here at the Cocker Inn® our hearts are big. We want to unconditionally accept dogs into our program. When we know we have a foster spot it makes that decision easier. Fostering makes rescue possible. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we save.

A foster home is a place where a dog can chill out, be evaluated, and rehabilitate whether it is a physical or behavioral problem. CSRET provides the vet care and heartworm preventative.

Many people tell us, "Oh, I could never foster because I would fall in love and want to keep them all." Sure, we have all had "foster failures" but doing rescue becomes addictive. Being part of the mission to save dogs' lives and seeing the joy a dog brings an adopter is a real high. How can you look at the sad eyes of a cocker spaniel on death row and not be moved to foster it short term to save its life?

Please open your heart to fostering - between the shelter and a forever home is a special place called a foster home - your home. E-mail or call the hot line at 713-208-1314.


There was a time when the dedicated volunteers of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas have held adoptions almost every week because we had so many dogs. Contrast that with the early 2000's when we held adoptions once a month at a single PetSmart location. Because of the volume of dogs with which we were dealing, we eventually started having at least one and sometimes two adoptions every week-end.

Currently our headcount is down substantially. In August of 2009 we had 91 available dogs and 26 Forever Fosters whereas currently we have about 25 available dogs (not all of them are ready to go) and 25 Forever Fosters. Consequently the Board has decided to suspend PetSmart adoptions for the present. We have numerous fall festivals where we will show dogs. Additionally, private showings will be utilized. Note that the week of September 4, without holding a formal adoption, we had 8 dogs adopted.

We are still getting in great dogs who need homes. Just submit an application so you are pre-approved and have first shot at any new incoming dogs. We will set up private showings for you. And, remember, we will be at several fall festivals in the area and we will continue to hold an occasional adoption event. Just watch the website.

To expedite the adoption process, we urge you to send in the online application for prior approval. We will review the application and resolve any questions before adoption day so you can take your dog home that day. It also gives us a chance to work with you ahead of time in selecting your new dog. Visit the Adoption Info page and and click on the OnLine Adoption Form. Be sure to check the box indicating you have read the contract. If the dog "licks" the screen you have successfully submitted. You will be contacted after it is received and reviewed.


Cocker Spaniel Rescue does not operate a shelter and has no paid staff. We are a network of foster homes which provide love, shelter, transportation, grooming and food. Funds collected by CSR are used primarily for veterinary care, medication, and boarding. Cocker Spaniel Rescue is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution may be tax deductible.

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We are a non-profit organization that depends on our fellow cocker spaniel lovers to keep our program going. If you would like to support us financially, you can mail your tax deductible donation to:

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas
P.O. Box 28
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0028

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A small gift makes a big difference in a dogs life!

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