Ebony and Zoe

All the qualities that people so often look for in the ‘perfect’ dog can

be found in Ebony & Zoe. They are well mannered and calm, they

love to cuddle, not only with each other but also with their humans.

Although these two have such a lot to offer, it seems that no-one

has yet been able to see past the greying muzzles and into the

wonderful hearts of these dogs.

If you’ve been looking for the companionship of a wonderful pet, and understand that age is no barrier to love


Hi! My name is Fluffy. Yes, it really is Fluffy.

I am an 8 year oldish, 30lb male lap anchor. I love to SNUGGLE...with you, with another dog, I am not picky.

I am completely blind, both my eyes had to be removed for medical reasons, but that doesn't stop me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play ball! I just play ball a little different than dogs that can see. My hearing is AWESOME, so I will follow you around the house or outside by listening to your voice or your foot steps. I am house trained, once I learn the lay of the house, I will go to the door and wait to be let outside to potty. After 3 weeks at my foster house, I was able to walk myself outside to potty and find my way back to the door with no problem.

I am in a foster home with 2 other cocker spaniels, one is blind and deaf, the other can see and hear. I do tend to bump into other dogs, but my foster sisters are used to being bumped into so they put up with me.

I know you will fall in love and want to snuggle once you meet me,


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