Hello Cocker Spaniel Rescue,

I thought I would to drop you guys a few lines and let you know how one of your former Cocker Kids is doing. In July 2002, I lost my cocker, Buddy, died from a long serious illness. After his death I told myself, I did not want another dog. But after a month I felt an emptiness in my life and the good folks at Conroe Vet. referred me to your organization. Once there I found "Riley", formally "Bravo". We hit it off and became life long friends.

His favorite activities are eating (just about everything that is not glued to the table), sleeping, chewing on his raw hide bone, playing with his squeaky football, riding in the car with his hanging out the driver side window, and not respecting the cat. I think terrorizing is a better word. His favorite treats are Fritos corn chips and liver treats.

He has developed the typical cocker health problems: ear infections, eyes (he has developed a cataract in the right eye) and the worst of all is his skin allergies. Twice a year (spring and fall) his entire body covered with large sores. But with all his problems I will not give him up for anything. I just pay the money and time to treat him because my little friend means that much to me.

I would like to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful and loyal friend. We go everywhere together, we are hardly apart. He is very special to me and my little family. I do not know what I would do without him. My heart goes out to all you good folks at Cocker Spaniel Rescue for doing an outstanding job. I know it must a hard job feeding and caring of all those mistreated and homeless cockers with limited resources and with an uncertain economic future. A simply thank you does not do it justice.