I attended an adoption at the local PetSmart in 2003 - with the sole intention of getting information after my mom found the CSR web page. I sat down to talk and Lisa (then about 2-3) crawled into my lap - and found her forever home. She quickly "trained" me. I was recalled to Active Duty in 2004 - and Lisa has since moved with me to Rhode Island (twice), Virginia, and we currently reside in Washington State. During my deployments she stays with my parents in Ohio and visits my grandmother. She has expertly "trained" them as well. She loves road trips - which is good since we move frequently - and she travels with me. I thank CSR for rescuing Lisa - and am thankful she picked me. She fits with everyone in my family - and I am still amazed at how she picked me/us!


P. S.
I attached photos:

one is from shortly after she "adopted" me one in her favorite spot in RI - always a breeze - and you can feel the wind in your ears, and finally one waiting to go on the next road trip.

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