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Carlton's Broken Heart
February is Heart Health Month

Carlton Photo Carlton's travels ended one cold January day when a volunteer ran across his posting on FaceBook - he was wandering around a mobile home park. With below freezing temperatures it was imperative he come in off the streets.

As usual, he was immediately dropped at the vet for immunizations and neutering. He was also evaluated for a limp and diagnosed with a torn ACL that needed an orthopedic evaluation. The good news was that he was heartworm negative; the bad was that he had a heart murmur complicated by an abnormally slow and irregular heartbeat.

The vet doing the ortho evaluation decided Carlton was a candidate for ACL repair but requested an evaluation by a cardiologist to see if it would be safe to put him under anesthesia for neuter and ACL repair.

The cardiologist was his next stop. This vet conducted tests, such as an ECG and found nothing to prevent anesthesia. A few days later at the ortho vet Carlton was put under anesthesia but his heartbeat slowed and he developed an irregular heartbeat. Consequently the surgery was not done and further cardiac evaluation recommended.

Back at the cardiologist, the tests indicated a slow heartbeat, irregular heartbeat and a more serious problem where the heart does not generate the electrical impulse to cause the heart to contract and pump blood to the rest of the body. The vet noted "Carlton may be developing sick sinus syndrome which is characterized by dysfunction of the SA node which is a pacemaker of the heart." He then added "A pacemaker may be beneficial.

Carlton Photo Update on Carlton: Carlton met with another cardiologist on February 26. After $600 of tests including a heart ultrasound, the cardiologist doesn't think he needs a pacemaker. But, just to be sure he will have his heart monitored for 24 hours. Note the bright orange vest he is wearing to keep the heart monitor connected. You might also notice his rear leg/hip is shaved. That was the prep work for the aborted ACL surgery. It will be a while before the results come in, so it is still possible he may end up needing a pacemaker after all.

This is a first for CSRET - mending a broken heart with a pacemaker. But it won't be cheap. If Carlton's story has touched your heart, We won't know more until sometime next week. please made a donation
either through PayPal
      or by sending a check to:
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas
P.O. Box 28
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Thanks for your support.

Long Shot Cockers
~ or ~
Why more foster homes are needed

Foster spots are always in short supply so when hard luck cases come along, we scurry to find a spot. In mid-February we took a leap of faith to accept to not one, but two potentially hard to place dogs. Why? Because they need us and their plights touched our hearts. To volunteer to foster please email or leave a message at 713-208-1314.

Case #1: Monday, February 16, 2015. The Board received the following message from the Assistant Foster Coordinator at CAPS:
"This boy came in as an unaltered stray, weighing 25 lbs. His teeth look fairly good, but that's about the only thing going for him, we think he is somewhere between 2-4 years, but it's hard to tell due to his other conditions. For all intents and purposes he appears to be blind, or have very little visual capabilities at this time. Our vet took a look at him yesterday, she said that he will need further ophthalmic evaluation, but it appears he has glaucoma. His right eye is incredibly swollen and looks like it may rupture. (Click here to see a rather graphic picture of the swollen eye). The left eye is smaller leading her to believe that one may have already ruptured. The people who found him tried cutting of matted fur (he is totally covered in mats), but ended up giving him a couple of lacerations in the process, one is about an inch long. He also has bilateral ear infections, and he tested heartworm positive. But his teeth look okay! It is almost like his owners gave him dental chews and didn't do anything else for him. "

Case #2: The same day. A Good Samaritan by the name of Gene e-mailed us the following story:
"I found a 10+ year old blonde cocker spaniel and am unable to care for in the long term. I found the dog Tuesday night, close to the street and have been unable to locate an owner. I took the dog to be groomed Wednesday and the dog seems like someone's pet. The dog is house trained and has not barked. Friday night I took the dog to the vet for a checkup. The dog is blind due to cataracts but in general good health. I had a rabies shot and deworming performed as well as blood work. No diabetes. The dog has not been spayed - not sure why not. I need to find a no kill shelter. This dog is good and in need of a home. I have called all vets in area and I've driven around nearby neighborhoods looking for a Lost Dog poster but met with no success. She is house broken and seems to get along with all dogs. Please help her!"

February 28, 2015
11 AM - 2 PM
104 E. Hwy 332
Lake Jackson, Texas

Store Details
Standing adoption on every 4th Saturday
5574 West Grand Parkway S.
Richmond, TX 77406

Store Details
Standing adoption on every 4th Saturday
March 7, 2015

11 AM - 3 PM

5415 West Loop South
(610 and 59)
Bellaire, Texas
Standing adoption on every 1st Saturday

March 14, 2015

11 AM - 2 PM

19945 Katy Freeway
SE Corner of I-10 and Fry Road
Katy, Texas
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Standing adoption on every 2nd Saturday

March 21, 2015

11 AM - 3 PM

Pearland PetSmart
3119 Silverlake Village Dr
Pearland, Texas 77584
(713) 436-5481
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Standing adoption on every 3rd Saturday

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