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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Roni Michelle was found cowering in a neighborhood and referred to the Cocker Inn. She was terrified and had a severe case of mange. We've addressed her mange and she is no longer contagious. Sometimes it is easier to heal the physical problems. Roni Michelle is learning to trust humans again. She has a natural tail that she tucks completely under her body. She is trying to trust and tries to wag her tucked tail, but it's a nervous kind of wag. Roni Michelle LOVES belly rubs. As scared as she is, when she rolls over she will take a belly rub. She has made a lot of progress. She now ventures out of her room to see what everyone else is doing, but if she sees you move toward her, she will run back to her room. This precious soul needs a patient, quiet home to help her blossom to her full beauty.
Roni Michelle checking into the Cocker Inn
Rafferty was found around St. Patrick's Day by a Good Samaritan. He is a beautiful black and tan male, probably 2-3 years old. He had a little mishap and recently had to have an eye removed but he's not letting that stop him from finding his forever home. Rafferty seems to have a great, loving personality.
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Princess Kate is a charming 1 year old female who came to us from a local shelter along with her sister, Alexis. These two sweethearts are extremely bonded and it would be best for them to find their forever home together. They eat, sleep and play together and absolutely adore each other. They are a bit timid until you get to know them but are quick to warm up. According to their foster mom, these little girls are lovely house guests as they are not crated during the day and never get into anything or have accidents. Please consider making both of the wonderful girls part of your family. Kate was heartworm positive and is currently undergoing treatment but these two will soon be ready to live in their "happily ever after" home.
Alexis       Kate
Will work for food and love....

Hobo is 2-3 year old male who was wandering the streets of Houston with an empty bindle and no place to go. He made his way to a local shelter and that's when his train came in and he was able to make his way to the Cocker Inn. While he was a bit underweight, a bath and shave revealed a brand new dog. Hobo is now an extremely handsome boy who gives oodles of sweet kisses and appears to love everyone. He has learned to use the doggy door and LOVES to play ball. His favorite game is to get a ball, jump up on the back of your chair and drop the ball in your lap so you can throw it for him. He loves to go for car rides too. Hobo has lots of love to give and is one happy little boy!

Like puppies? The CockerKids welcome S'more! S'more is a precious 5 month old black and tan male puppy with a marshmallow white blaze on his chest and white stripes on his muzzle. He was being a little aggressive with a three year old child so he was sent to live at the Cocker Inn. He has no aggression with adults or other dogs although he does push their buttons - just as any puppy would do. By all indications, he's going to grow up to be a big boy. He will probably weigh 28-30 pounds as an adult and it looks like he is going to have a luxurious, thick coat. He is neutered, up-to-date on shots and ready to find a home. Adopt now so you can enjoy all his puppy antics!
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Shiloh needs to move! He is about 8 years old and he still is very active. Why does he need to go somewhere new? He has severe skin allergies and the carpet may be what's triggering those allergies. Allergies or not he needs to stay an inside dog. He's house trained and does well with other dogs. He knows commands such as "come" "sit" "stay" "kennel" and "eat". He will sit to be groomed and come to be bathed. He is a sweet dog.
Monty checked into the Cocker Inn with Rita. Their mom had died and dad was working all the time, so he couldn't take care of them. When we started to groom Monty in we thought he was all black. After his make-over, we found his stunning markings. Monty is soaking up the love at the Cocker Inn. He loves belly rubs and follows his foster mom everywhere. He loves to snuggle in the bed and is always on the lookout for an empty lap. Monty is 3 years old and ready for new home.
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Monty cleaning up
Monty before grooming
Looking to get into better shape? Nick is a young, 1-2 year old who is looking for a jogging or walking partner to train with. He will keep you on your pace and go the extra mile. He loves life, enjoys running and never misses an opportunity to chase squirrels or birds. Nick's deep red coat is stunning. You will turn heads on the trail. Nick wants you to get off that couch and join his exercise program!
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Riley is a small black and tan male was found roaming alone in a neighborhood. When nobody stepped up to claim him, the kind people who found him helped him make his way to the Cocker Inn. He is young, friendly and ready to move to a new forever home. Get to know this dog and you'll fall in love with Riley. Really.
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Barney is a handsome 5 year old fellow who moved out of a nearby shelter to take up temporary (he hopes) residence at the Cocker Inn. Get to know Barney and you can tell your friends how you met your cocker. No doubt about it, having Barney as a part of your family will be legen. . . (wait for it). . . dary!
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The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.

Penny Lane

Penny June


Jean Kelly

Glenna Jo

Chloe Sophia