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We welcome the opportunity to show the dogs outside of adoption days.
To schedule a visit, give us a call at 713-208-1314 or send an email to

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Zuzu is a smart ebony beauty who was found in the Bryan/College Station area about two years ago, blind and afraid. The CockerKids arranged for cataract surgery on one eye and after seeing flowers, birds and bugs, she finally knew that It's a Wonderful Life. Her new forever family renamed her Bella, and life was very, very good. Unfortunately, her family experienced some life changes and -- very sadly -- she had to move back to the Cocker Inn. Just like in the movie, Bella/Zuzu remains optimistic that her new forever family is right around the corner. She is most likely 6-8 years old now, has the softest, shiniest black coat imaginable, and would do well in a home where she could either be Alpha or an only dog, though she does get along with cats. Zuzu says that "every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings," and every time the door opens she looks to see if it's her new family.
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Found roaming the streets of Webster, we call him our Rags to Riches boy. Rags is a 5 year old boy who is house trained, loves everyone and gets along with other dogs. He has glaucoma in one eye and we are working on reducing the pressure. However he has great vision in the other eye so no issue with getting around. He loves to snuggle and sleep in bed with his human at night. He rides wonderfully in a car. Rags has finished his heartworm treatment and is anxious to go to his forever home. He will make a wonderful addition to any family.
Huntley is the rootin' tootin' cutest little dude in East Texas and has the cutest personality to boot! This little charmer is a chocolate and tan guy who entered the Cocker Inn arena at only 4 years old. The ranch hands left him at the dog pound when they moved off to another state (we reckon they don't take dogs in other states) but he was lassoed and brought to the Cocker Inn. He loves to run and bark at the deer at his foster home and sure would like to get a hold of one. But that's OK, the vittles here aren't bad anyway. He loves to saddle up next to his foster mom when the sun sets in the evenin' and even likes the other dogs there. His foster mom says that he needs to learn a few manners but is he's a darn good ranch guest. Looking for a lap dog? Awesome! Frannie is looking for a lap. But wants one all to herself. This 2 year old black female is an affectionate girl who would thrive in a home with someone who is willing to be patient and work with her. She loves to play ball but doesn't want to be bothered by kids or other dogs. Frannie would do best in a home with all adults and no kids. She is currently in a boarding facility awaiting a forever home since she doesn't play well with others at the Cocker Inn. She was invited to join our rescue program after she was seen running along a busy intersection in the Houston area. She was very scared and it took several days to catch her. We don't know what her past holds but she just needs to be shown some love and what it's like to have a forever home.
Winston Clark is a 10 to 12 year old hunk of awesome chocolate who came to us all the way from a shelter near Corpus Christi, TX. This sweet gentleman has apparently indulged in a little bit too many bon bons and is in need of a Weight Watchers® program. But, according to Winston, there's just more to love. Winston is a gives lots of kisses and will just melt in your arms. Ruh roh Raggy..Rooby rooby roo here and I can barely see you. Ziokes, who turned out the lights?

Scooby Doo is a groovy 7 year old sable boy who was shivering in his boots when the green van drove off and left him at the local shelter. It's still a mystery as to why he ended up in a shelter but he was saved by the brave CSRET Cocker sniffing detectives who discovered that it was probably because he has cataracts. He appears to see shadows and functions great once he finds way around. Scooby would be the perfect solution for a someone who has cats because he can't really see well enough to chase them (ree hee hee). Did someone say Scooby snack?

Listen to the wisdom of toothless ones.
-Ancient Proverb

Howdy, my name is Beau and I'm toofless. Well... almost. But my foster mom takes good care of what teef I have left. I found myself in the dungeons of a dog pound but the kind folks at the Cocker Inn fell in love with me and got me out of there. I had a hard time eating anything for a while because my teef were bad and when I got them cleaned, I lost 12 of them. I was missing 8 to begin with so that doesn't leave me much to chew with. But that's ok because I'm learning to eat without them and am getting lots of soft yummy food. My foster mom says that I may be an English Cocker because I'm a bit taller than the rest of the CockerKids. At 33 pounds, my ribs were showing but I'm filling out now that I can eat again and am getting some tasty soft food. Everyone tells me what a sweet and friendly boy I am. I love sleeping beside my foster mom's bed. I really like to trick her into petting me by rubbing my head on her hand. She instantly starts petting me so it's a really cool trick. And I'm learning the doggy door trick too. See, I may be almost toothless but I am really wise boy!

Col. Cocker Travis was running the plains with an independent pack. The pack was rounded up and Travis, the only cocker in the pack, was offered sanctuary by the CockerKids. Travis appears to be around four to five years old. He's been stationed at the Cocker Inn for over two years. During his induction physical, he was found to be heavily heartworm positive, so for a long time he underwent treatment and recovery and is now parasite free. Travis does have a few quirks, so he may not be the right dog for first time cocker owners. Travis is for the most part a friendly, affectionate dog, but he refuses to be groomed. Vehemently refuses to be groomed. The appearance of scissors or clippers put him on the defensive, but if you put the grooming tools away, he's your best friend again. Travis is available for reassignment to the right home, but we want to make sure he's a good match before we issue the transfer orders.
Travis sitting for a portrait
Travis standing around
Travis being where he shouldn't be
Travis after a haircut
Travis before grooming
Spencer is a charming little guy who was left to die when his owners moved away leaving him in the back yard. Luckily, the neighbors heard his cries and came to his rescue. He doesn't see or hear well but he has a huge heart and lots of love to give. We absolutely adore this sweet boy! He deserves a better life. "A dead end street is a good place to turn around". -Naomi Judd

Like Naomi Judd, Naomi the Cocker Spaniel felt that she had come to a dead end street. At only 7 years old, this visually impaired beauty found herself cold and alone at a local animal shelter. Not only could see very little of her surroundings but she also had heartworms. But her life took a big turn around the day that she made her way to the Cocker Inn. She found friends who loved her JUST the way she was and had her treated for heartworms. This sweet girl is as good as new and enjoys the other dogs and kids in her foster home. She appears to see shadows but has no problems navigating with the use of her ears and sniffer. She even appears to be housetrained and uses a doggy door! Naomi would never miss the opportunity for a good belly run and loves sleeping with her foster family. No matter where her foster mom is in the house, Naomi is a little shadow and has no problem keeping up and staying close. "Naomi is one of the nicest dogs I've met. Super sweet personality". (quote from Naomi's foster mom)

This sweet boy may look like a lion but he is a purrrrrrfect little angel! Leo is a 5-7 year old Cocker/Shih Tzu mix. He has the face of a Shih Tzu with the height of a Cocker Spaniel. He came to us as a big shaggy mess and had to be completely shaved down because he was so matted. We can't wait for his coat to grow back because he is going to be absolutely gorgeous. According to his foster mom, he is totally house trained and uses the doggy door perfectly. He is also a bit shy so it takes a little while for him to warm up but once he does, he is a sweetheart.
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More Pics
Callie Jo is not our typical rescue. She checked in to the Cocker Inn® looking for a Kitty Club but took a really wrong turn. Callie Jo weighed in at 3 lbs and was estimated to be approximately 6 months old. She's been living among the CockerKids for way too long now, just waiting for someone to get her out of the doghouse. She has grown into a pretty calico girl that still acts like a kitten. She loves to dart around chasing anything that catches her eye. She is very social and never stops purring. She does tolerate some of the Cocker Inn residents, but is ready to check out. Who will let this Callie Jo entertain them? Send an email to or call the HotLine at 713-208-1314 to work out a change-of-address for this kitty among the cockers.
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Callie Jo at 6 months

The following CockerKids® have found their way into our foster home network, and are looking for their forever home. As we get more information on them it will be posted on this site.